Realme Wireless Buds are now on Market

The best Bluetooth earphone to buy Under ₹2000. Go for it if your phone lacks 3.5MM audio jack, It looks premium and stylish. it comes with a good 12 hour’s battery life and also supports fast charging and The best part is the pairing and disconnection just by magnetic attachment, it is so seamless and quick you don’t even need to touch the buttons.


Battery : 10hrs
Sound: 9/10
Look and feel: 9.9/10
Comfort: 8.5/10
Connectivity: 9.5/10
Lag: Not encountered in apex legend and ‘PUBG’
Base: Amazing
Overall: Must buy
Magnet switch: 9.9/10
Doesn’t make that annoying beep while pairing.
Con :
Dual connectivity not present
Control buttons should have some gap to help feel them
Double-tap and triple tap to change track. Should be long press volume up and down button

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