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Thiruvananthapuram: The state’s tenants have been waiting for an app for days.  ‘Bevq’ App is designed by Kochi-based FairCode Technologies Pvt. Ltd.  Tenants are now getting angry at the Facebook page of Faircode Technologies after the app was delayed.
 Beverage’s outlets were also closed when Lockdown was announced due to Corona.  Despite the concessions on lockdown, there is a need to maintain social distance when opening liquor stores.  The ‘Bevq’ app is meant to guarantee this.  The shortcomings in the app have been solved and submitted for Google’s approval.  The app will be in force once it is approved.for the security reasons and trails the official launching of the app is delayed. Bevco has  301 liquor Outlets,  500 bars, and 225 beer and wine shops are ready to sell through the new ‘Bevq’ app.
 Tobacco and alcohol cannot be sold online, according to the Google Play Store policy.  Google developer policy center said in a statement.  Google’s policy on tobacco and alcohol begins with this:
 We do not allow apps that facilitate the sale of tobacco (including e-cigarettes) or promote the irresponsible use of alcohol or tobacco.
 * Illustrating or promoting the use or sale of alcohol or tobacco to minors.
 * Claim that smoking helps improve social, sexual, professional, intellectual or athletic status.
 * Positively advocate excessive drinking and support excessive, competitive drinking.
 These strict terms may apply to a liquor sales application at any time.  Avoiding excessive alcohol and adult sales is a major challenge for alcohol sales applications.
 But these conditions do not affect the ‘Bevq’ app, officials say.  Google says it has control over apps that promote alcohol sales and those that promote it.
 The ‘Bevq’ app is expected to reach around 2 million people within the first few days of launch.  The rush in the liquor market in Kerala could affect the existence of ‘Bevq’ App in the Google Play Store
Bevco has released guidance on the sale of alcohol through virtual queues.  The Bevco outlet is open from 9 am to 5 pm.  Once you buy alcohol, you can buy it again in four days.  Fix bugs and upload the ‘Bevq’ app back to Google.
 Bevco has released its new set of standards for the sale of alcohol.  In the liquor stores, only five people are allowed at the counter.  Each person must be six feet apart.  Those who do not receive the E token will not be sent to the counter.  One can buy up to three liters of alcohol at a time.  Once the alcohol has been purchased, it is possible to buy it again after four days.  All who come will be checked with a thermal scanner.  If the symptom shows up, it will not go to the counter.  Those who do not have a smartphone can book alcohol through SMS.
 Alcohol can be purchased at the time of booking, with the QR code provided at the time of booking.  The ‘Bevq’ App has been re-uploaded to Google this morning to correct bugs.  Security and loading checks will be available on the App Play Store after Google’s approval.  Bevco hopes to get the liquor license ready next week if Apple gets Google permission.
The app will be available for the public to use after a few days of delay, even if the play store is cleared and released.  You need to have a user-level technical check on the outlets in the Play Store.  It will be available to the public only after tens of thousands of people have climbed the Scenario and become technologically successful.
Meanwhile, the outlets and liquor shops have already completed the disinfection process and are ready to distribute the liquor.  Drinkers have also been frustrated by the fact that the Lockdown concession has not been granted despite the approval of the liquor distribution.

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